Keep your mind fresh with

When you are programming on the same platform on a day-to-day basis it’s easy to get used to certain methodologies or approaches to the problems that are presented to you.

Except for being able to present a solution quickly, i think taking these approaches for granted is a bad habit.
As a developer, it is important to look at problems from different perspectives, come up with different solutions  and eventually pick a solution that fits best.

To keep your mind fresh and away from tunnelvision on your platform, take my advice to take a look at the questions at for 15 minutes every day, and answer them if you can.

Why? First of all you help others with your perspective on a problem. Second, and most profitable for yourself; it’s a great resource for seeing other perspectives on problems. If you look at other people’s solutions, you (hopefully) get a sense for approaching a problem from different perspectives by yourself.

I just started to look at the questions today, and provided some answers of which i thought were approperiate.
Some were, some were not. At least i learned from all of them. For example: i was making unjustified assumptions (doh!), was pointed at dependency injection (once again) and was shown a nice regex technique.

I learned a lot this evening,  and from now on, i’ll spend every evening on Stack Overflow for about 15-30 minutes!