My progress on the PHP on Azure project

Windows Azure LogoIt’s been a while since i’ve blogged about the PHP on Azure contest project. This post will be about the project, but not necessarily about my implementation of PHP on Azure.

As i wrote in my introductory post about the project, the main reason to participate in the contest is to put a lot of things i recently learned into practice. And so far so good.
My main focus is not to build a good application in general, but to me it is about discovering and experimenting on how to keep a PHP application and all that comes with it (search engine, multi media converter, database) as scalable as possible.

Before starting on the project i highly underestimated what is involved with building a highly scalable solution. It definitely involves more than just deploying a project on the Windows Azure platform.

This is also the main reason i haven’t blogged about PHP on Windows Azure that much yet. Since my main goal is to deploy everything on the Windows Azure platform (database, files, search engine and the application itself of course) i had a lot of stuff to look up and experiment, as i’ve never worded with IIS7 and MSSQL in combination with PHP before, leave alone with Windows Azure (or any other cloud platform).

Nevertheless, i really enjoy working on this project. As the deadline is about 1.5 months away from now, a lot of work can be done still.
More or less i feel i am at a point where i can focus my attention on building the application instead of looking up and experimenting on things (as much fun as it is, though).

In the (near) future i’ll write up some tips and tricks here on my blog, hoping to catch up on the bi-weekly blogging requirement for the contest ;-)
There’s a lot to share, i just haven’t put anything into practice yet, so it’s hard to blog about.

By the way, the other participants have shared some really interesting things about their project. You can read all their experiences on the PHP on Azure contest page.