Is success the key to happiness, or the other way around?

Yesterday I was watching this TED talk from Shawn Achor and this question hasn’t left my mind since. The speaker talks about that being happy makes you work and learn more effective, and claims that therefore you can be more successful. I think this statement, or rather, fact is very valid and is worth to stop and think about for a minute.

Shawn mentions that chasing happiness by working towards successes that we want to have is a never ending one, as we constantly set new targets and raise the bar. Or, quoting Shawn “If happiness is on the opposite side of success, your brain never gets there.”

Standing still by what we have achieved so far makes one happy, and let’s you do and focus on what you like and love. Which, according do Gary Vaynerchuck (you should read his book Crush It! and The Thank You Economy) is the key to success and personal development. Which, in turn, raises your level of success and if you stick to this approach, your level of happiness.

Think about it. What is your attitude to happiness and success?

I found this all very interesting and worth thinking of. If you are reading this and are looking for more in-depth info I can recommend you to view Shawn’s presentation.